The Best Tow Straps For Car Recovery


Offroad enthusiasts prepare themselves for hitting everything from trees to deer and forget getting stuck which becomes worse when a tow truck is not a call away. The fun of any offroad trip is in beating all the uncertainties out there, and how better to do this than arming yourself with the strongest recovery strap your budget can afford. Many people will advise you to just get an elastic strap or a package with D-Rings and metallic hooks, but take it from the experts, there is more to a recovery strap than these two. You have to match your vehicle weight to the strap and ensure the package contains everything you need to get you out of thick snow or any muddy ditch (

Nylon is the best recovery strap material because of resistance to all elements and ability to repel both snow and dirt. The main issue for recovery straps is contact point strengthening which is important for both safety and recovery efficiency. The search for the best one can be daunting because of misleading guides which is why we used offroaders` votes to pick 10 straps that will cover your needs across the four seasons.

10 Best Recovery straps

1. Sunferno ultimate Tow Recovery Strap

This is a popular 20×3 Tow/recovery strap suitable for anyone looking for a heavy-duty recovery strap on a budget. It has a 10 percent stretch made of a thick uniform neoprene fabric that can withstand 35000lbs in both tow and snatch making it ideal for any offroad trip. Its strengthened eye loops and strong webbing allow it to recover within a few minutes allowing you to perform multiple recoveries in a short time. It is suitable for both winching and snap recovery with its lightweight design making it suitable for unaided operation as well.

This recovery strap has a high capacity that can accommodate any heavy vehicles including tractors and full-sized SUVs. You can still use it for clearance to pull logs and stumps out of your way. The protective straps and nylon cover at contact points provide a better grip on any material while preventing wear and tear allowing the longest service from this recovery strap.

Physically, this strap is suitable for the harsh conditions of recovery. It is bright for high visibility in low lighting and also light, easy to carry around and clean. It also comes with a carrying bag and a free guide book.


. High breaking point at 35000 lbs.
. Safety at contact points reducing wear
. Quick fabric recovery
. high visibility
. Highly weatherproof material


. harder to install on D-rings

2. All Top Nylon Extreme Recovery Strap

This is a weatherproof package that will come in handy in whatever condition your car is stuck. It is simply a complete recovery/tow package with powerful steel D rings, a 30×4 nylon recovery strap, and a classy storage case. It is one of the most powerful recovery straps in the market with a breaking point over 42,000lbs and a 22percent elasticity. Its triple layer eye loops with protective sleeves make it a long service strap with little wear and no risk of snapping.

The D rings also make it very easy to attach to your recovery vehicle or winch or simply self-snapping against a tree. Its high capacity means you can use this strap to recover anything from a lorry to a jeep. Its simple hook and pull design makes it very easy to install and use. It is quite heavy because of the high density fabric weighing in at 9lbs, but still easy to connect unaided.

All All-Top-heavy duty packages all have lifetime warranty cover which is why this is a great recovery strap for the money. It is covered by neoprene sleeves which protect the loops better from the elements compared to regular polyester sleeves.


. High capacity for any vehicle
. made of weatherproof nylon and neoprene
. Nylon has high elasticity for a quick snatch
. The package includes D rings for easy installation
. lifetime warranty


. Long recovery time
. High elasticity is unsafe for towing

3. Smittybilt CC330 Recovery Strap

Smittybilt is a major offroad accessory manufacturer and their recovery straps are especially popular for their double stitching and triple strengthening at the loops that ensures durability. This one, in particular, has high resistance fabric built to withstand harsh environments which makes it great for offroading. It has low elasticity and a lower breaking point because it is primarily designed for towing.

This is a very simple light strap that you can carry around in one arm like a string but it carries all the power needed to get you out of a tight spot. It is a general use strap that can be used to pull logs, stumps and best of all, any standard sized 4×4. It is a 3×30 meaning you have some extra inches in case distance is an issue, especially when towing. It is a popular offroad recovery strap for the winter because of its double stitched webbing resistant to both water and snow for long service.

It has exceptionally strengthened and long loops with little elasticity which reduce chances of knocking especially when towing on snow. Its 30,000lb capacity can accommodate most low resistance recovery and towing jobs. The main concern for most customers on this strap is the poorly stitched loop sleeves that make them vulnerable to slipping.


. It is very light and easy to use
. Low elasticity for comfortable towing
. Double stitched webbing
. High resistance to water and snow
. Triple strengthened loops for durability


. Weak loop sleeves
. Not suitable for heavy duty recovery

4. Rhino USA 3×30 Recovery trap

Soft and tough is the Rhino USA principle that has made this recovery strap one of the most famous options for offroaders in the market. Their package comes with a lifetime warranty because they have super strengthened eye loops for extra durability. This recovery strap has minimal connection at the loops that reduce chances of slipping and snatching even at maximum weight which makes it a reliable one-time purchase.

It has a 32,000lb capacity, able to pull pick up trucks, vans, and SUVs out of mud or snow. Its greatest deal breaker is the super strong loops and powerful sleeves that reduce tension on the high impact points. This recovery strap can withstand lots o tension in both recovery and towing making it a versatile strap for anything you may meet on an offroad trip.

The package is also accompanied by a heavy-duty drawstring bag able to store all your gear together with the strap for easy carrying. Our main concern for this strap is the dull color that makes it very hard to see in low lighting.


. It has strong extra strengthening at the loops
. Heavy protective padding for the loops
. there is minimal stitching in the fabric to reduce water retention


. The dark color is hard to notice in the dark

5. Titan Auto Extreme recovery strap

This is famously called the summer rope because of the deep UV treatment and rugged design. It is, however, an all-weather recovery/tow strap designed for tough tasks in any extreme weather. The width is extended to 3.5 inches which allows it to carry on an extra 500lbs over the regular 3×30. It makes this a great recovery strap for the money able to handle heavier vehicles including vans and tractors. It is a made of a mixture of polyester and nylon with just 7% extension making it a great option for both towing and recovery.

The greatest deal breaker of this strap is the double layer fabric thick and tough for durability. Its low elasticity is because of the polyester which allows the strap to recover super quickly after an extraction which is why commercial tow truck owners use it a lot. It is still light and easy to attach with reinforced eye loops. It is both water and mud resistant repeling dirt and snow allowing you to use it whenever you go out.

It has high visibility with reflective color allowing you to locate it when working late. Furthermore, this strap`s length allows you to loop it on itself giving you a 15ft allowance for extremely tough tasks, an advantage a 20ft may not offer. It has a 1-year warranty cover.


. Extra wide width for higher capacity
. Highly visible
. Double layer fabric
. It is UV treated for higher resistance


. Less kinetic energy makes snatch recovery slower

. Polyester is highly vulnerable to water

6. ARB ARB715LB Recovery Strap

ARB is one of the first names you hear when looking for a recovery strap and this is particularly one of their toughest. It is double woven with a uniform webbing that distributes all the pull evenly along the strap to ensure the whole strap bears the weight of the car. This allows quick recovery by the fabric making this one of the most durable recovery straps in the market. The strap is also UV treated allowing it to withstand strong sunlight making this an all-weather recovery strap.
This recovery strap is actually wider than 4 inches giving it the higher breaking point with a minimum load of 33000 needed to induce stretch. It is a thick double woven strap able to snatch any 4WD in mud or snow. It is designed for snatching using a recovery vehicle or winching with its 20 percent stretch protecting the vehicle from damage during extraction.

It is made of pure nylon meaning it is resistant to water, snow, and dirt. It also features one of the best protective paddings in the market made of neoprene that keeps the sleeves safe from scratches and cuts through the intense action.


. Thick double webbing
. Tough neoprene protective sleeves
. Extra wide for even pressure distribution
. Pure nylon is weatherproof


. It needs a lot of weight to induce extension

7. Motormic 3×30 Tow Strap Recovery Kit

This is the package for any road emergency with everything you need if a tow truck is not anywhere close. It has a 30,000lb breaking point although it is double woven allowing it to handle tougher tasks and even full-sized vans and tractors. It comes as a complete four-piece package with D rings, ¾ and 4/8 inch shackles and a heavy duty drawstring bag meaning this is a whole rescue package available on a budget.

It’s Polyester fabric with neoprene protection has one of the highest heat and freeze resistance levels which makes this a great tow strap for any weather. It has narrow eye loops with triple strengthening to withstand the higher initial pressure for durability. It also makes a great extension string in case you need more space between the two vehicles.

It has very little stretch for safe towing and also quick recovery allowing the fabric to serve you longer. Its D rings are also padded for better grip and durability. This heavy-duty focus allows the strap to be used in multiple recoveries a day which is why professionals prefer it to regular tow ropes.


. It comes with D rings and shackles
. Low stretch fabric for safe towing
. Double webbing for higher capacity
. The fabric is tough and UV treated


. The little extension makes it slow at recovery
. Single stitched sides chip easily

8. The Mozzbi Tow Strap

This is a very popular rescue option for anyone that needs a regular tow rope for daily road disturbances. This is a hooked tow strap making it one of the easiest to install and use with safety latches to prevent metals from flying off in case anything snaps. The hooks are covered by a copper alloy to prevent rusting allowing the hooks to last the same life as your strap through any weather.

It is a standard duty strap with a 10,000lb capacity able to tow most offroad wheels including jeeps and SUVs. Its double weaving makes up for the 2-inch width preparing you for any range of offroad emergencies. It is also a great option for a budget purchase if you don’t expect to recover vehicles regularly.

It is light, easy to carry around especially with the transparent storage bag that accompanies the package. It is also very bright allowing you to spot it easily in the dark. It is made of a double knitted polyester with high resistance to snow and heat meaning a cold snap won’t weaken it.


. Metal hooks are easy to install and use
. High visibility
. It has hook latches for safety
. Double layered to handle extra capacity
. Double stitched ends for extra strength


. Lower capacity
. Metal hooks can be dangerous

9. Gear America 4×30 Recovery Tow Strap

Gear America is famous for their military grade double webbed polyester straps that are really built to last the time. High heat and cold resistance with smooth dust and waterproof finish keep the fabric safe from the elements in any weather. The greatest life booster for this strap is the double fine webbing at the eye loops with neoprene protective sleeves that allow it to withstand intense pressure and spread it evenly down the strap for a quick snatch or a comfortable towing trip.
It is conveniently easy to install with narrow loops that fit effectively into D rings or hooks allowing you to attach it to a car or simply around itself. It works well as an extension strap, tree, stump and debris extraction strap, a tow rope and best of all, a recovery strap in any tough environment. Its versatility makes this an insurance package for almost any event of an offroad trip.

This recovery strap has a very high breaking point over 40,000lbs which can accommodate any offroad vehicle including full-sized trucks. It also comes with a large storage bag that can carry all your offroad gear. The greatest advantage of this package is the lifetime warranty protection.


. High capacity focus
. It is a versatile strap for any type of recovery
. Smooth finish to repel water and dirt
. It has a lifetime warranty cover


. It has little elasticity

10. USWAY Gear Heavy Duty Towing Strap

This is also another rugged design strap well suited for the all-weather environment of offroading. It is built with tough polyester and nylon hybrid, double stitched to meet the needs of heavy-duty offroad recovery demands. It measures 3 by 30 inches giving enough room for maneuvering when towing and slightly elastic for snatch recovery as well. It has a minimum capacity of 30,000lbs, the recommended weight for 4WD vehicle recovery including jeeps, pick-up trucks, and tractors.

This strap has exceptionally tough but fine webbing that keeps it resistant to intense heat, water, and dust for durability. Its ease of use is improved by the strengthened narrow loops that can be easily fit onto hooks or simply looped on themselves for recovery.

Its adjustable protective sleeves can be moved right up to the base of the eye loops to increase their strength. Its Thick neoprene protection at the loops also increase the strength and weather resistance for durability. The package is protected by a two-year warranty coming with a storage bag for extra offroad gear.


. Hybrid fabric with all-weather resistance
. Extra thick loops for more durability
. Adjustable protective sleeves
. Triple fabric stitching for extra strength


. The hybrid fabric has uneven stretch increasing pressure at some points

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