Short Cuts That Have Stood The Test of Time

Short hair has always been the way to go with me. My thick locks are just too high maintenance to grow out. And I have found that there are five classic looks that have never faded out of style. So when I look for the cuts that have stood the test of time, I always look to my hair hero Halley Berry.

Cropped Pixie

Halle Berry debuted her cropped pixie, and instantly it became a timeless look. The twist she put on this short doo that made every woman run to the salon begging for the now classic micro banged pixie. Remeber while this is a classic cut, it’s not made for every face shape.Pixie Cut with Length

This sassy pixie cut is a classic for all ages as well as faces. The added length of the front and sides will allow you to customize your pixie to your face shape. It is perfect in between look when you are growing out your cropped pixie. The look can also be achieved by adding a few weave tracks to your cropped pixie.

Classic Square Bob

This style was made popular in the 1920’s and is known to and a classy yet sexy vibe whether you locks are bone straight, wavy, or curly the bob that falls right to your chin is sure to turn heads no matter where you go. It’s a great starter cut for the gals that are new to the short styles and yes Ms berry did rock this doo as well.

Long Shaggy Bob

Halle dropped the mic with this cut in 2016.This messy hair don’t care hairstyle looks best when cut with a razor, with as many layers as possible. This look should also hit somewhere between the chin and neckbone.Its a good cut for the low maintenance gal.

Blunt Lob

So you want to go short but you are still scared? Well, take a look at Halle’s lob from 2017. This cut goes all the way to the collarbone and has a straight layer free cut is the perfect cut for you! The cut looks best when worn straight or wavey and will have everyone telling you that they just love your hair.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get a great short style every time:

  • -make sure your hair is long enough to pull back in a sleek ponytail that hits about an inch below your neck for bobs and a tight ponytail at the nape of your neck for pixies. If you have dumbo ears like me you will be eternally grateful that you have whisps long enough to cover them
  • Highlights are always your friends with the short cuts. Adding a hint of color to your cut can make all the difference. They also can be used to frame your face to compliment your face shape
  • Bang can go with almost all short cuts, just make sure you don’t go too short in the front unless you are doing a pixie
  • BRING A PICTURE. Take the time to find a few pictures of your preferred style to show your stylist.
  • Discuss the style with your stylist. Not every style is for every kind of hair. When you are going short, you don’t want to end up looking like a poodle.

So no matter how short you decide you want to go, trust there is a style out there for you.!

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