HP 88 vs 88 xl Which to Buy?

There are a lot of stuffs in this world that have made our lives convenient. But printers as well as ink cartridges are one of the most amazing tools that we probably had. Many of us probably have their printers integrated with their computers. This implies that purchasing a replacement ink cartridge for that particular printer can be on the radar screen at certain point.

Additionally, acquiring the best printer ink cartridge is crucial. Obviously many of us will probably need to search for a reliable place to purchase all those ink cartridges we need. There are a lot of places to purchase an ink cartridge. And the main factor when looking for one is the price. See, the price ranges on the same printer ink cartridge can differ from place to place. Thus it’s crucial to shop around thoroughly so we can get the best deal possible.

Searching for the ink cartridge with reasonable price is very crucial than ever before because people nowadays are printing more and more documents compared to the previous years.  So, without further ado, let’s see what the ink cartridges we have can offer.

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HP88 VS 88XL

Many of us want to get the best value for the products that we utilize. And the more we use these particular items, the more value we get especially on the financial aspect.

Of course, such concept applies to ink cartridges that we also use on a daily basis. If you’re utilizing HP88 ink cartridges, each yield is up to a max of 860 pages. Even though it’s not really a bad output for a standard size cartridge, the HP 88XL can provide better yields, and ultimately can save you a lot of money. You see, HP 88XL provides its users more savings by simply printing around two times more than the standard 88 cartridge.

For the most part, HP 88XL black ink cartridge is capable of printing three times more pages compared to HP88. In particular, it can produce up to 2,450 pages. The colored cartridges produce little less though. On the other hand, the standard HP 88 can only do a max of 860 pages. Anyways, the HP88 XL can provide better value for your hard-earned money.

If we put it this way: HP 88 versus HP 88XL, it is clear that 88XL wins over the number of pages it can produce. For sure, 88XL’s price is quite high. However, due to the amount of pages it can provide, it is essentially cheaper when it comes to long-term use.

With HP 88XL, you get to save more while acquiring more prints in any color based on the pages you print. On a side note, when it comes to black and white printing, the HP 88XL black ink triples the yield unlike the standard size.

Compatible Printers

Both HP 88 as well as HP 88XL can be utilized in HP All-in-One printers and the HP Ink Jet printers.

They are fade-resistant and can provide similar results in the long-term. The ink cartridges’ consistency in delivering quality outputs guarantees your texts and images are of professional grade and high quality that leave a cool impression. Also, office materials don’t come inexpensive. However, delivering quality prints that don’t fade guarantee sharp texts and images are greater. Acquiring more value through more prints also implies better savings. Try to pick the best ink cartridges that give quality as well as higher page yield to save you money long-term.

With that said, here are the compatible printers for both HP88 and HP88XL: Office Jet L7480, Pro L7400, Pro L7500 Series, Pro L7550, Pro L7555, Pro L7580, Pro L7590, and Pro L7650.

Refurbished Ink Cartridges

Refurbished as well as compatible ink cartridges come in the same quality as the original HP ink products. However, they come in lesser price range. These types of ink cartridges have the same quality with the original but lower price which is great value of the price. In fact, some people say that they provide better value compared to the original HP cartridges. Refurbished and compatible cartridges are much cheaper and won’t invalidate any kind of warranty.

If you’re looking for a smart choice, then it’s better to opt with these types of ink cartridges.


Printer ink cartridges were designed to be used by having a certain group of printers, thus using a fitting ink cartridge is important. Evaluate your printer’s user guide in order to achieve a compatibility graph. Considering that the printer brand comprehends more for their products than other individuals, Original Equipment Manufacture ink cartridges will essentially acquire the best quality as well as cheapest failure rates.

Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

These alternatives are somewhat outdated versions that are simply re-conditioned and re-filled. In the process of reconditioning, available ink cartridges are acquired into a central processing unit, mostly from Original Equipment Manufacturer. From there, the processing units open the ink cartridge then they refill it. They also change the damaged or faulty parts. Aside from that, the ink-cartridge are examined for guaranteed quality. Similar to Compatible Ink cartridges, refurbished models’ quality also changes.

Colored Ink Cartridges

These types of ink cartridges uses only four colored inks in order to make a number of colors which include cyan, yellow, green, and dark. Additionally, color inkjet cartridges are sometimes included with four tanks, which is one per color. On the other hand, a tricolor ink-cartridge comes with just three colors, by utilizing the dark in another printer ink cartridge.  This is particularly beneficial for those that tend to print huge amount of texts.  On a side note, top-quality printers out there utilize ten ink colors in order to generate movie-quality images.

Final Thoughts

The ideal ink cartridges are simply made just like Original Equipment Manufacture ink cartridges. The only problem is that they are constructed by the other companies aside from the original manufacturer.

Some producers out there provide its consumers warranty offers with their discount ink cartridges that may perform along with the brand name when used appropriately. Keep in mind that a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers may very well not have the capability to search out ideal ink cartridges.

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