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Warehouse survellance, monitoredby life operators or recorded

Cameras and Surveillance for your premises

Formed by a team already experienced within the corporate security industry, AVS provides a first class service. We can supply security for small private function and for large public events using professional staff with SIA accreditation and more permanent cameras and surveillance equipment for fixed asset premises like offices and warehouses.

Risk Assessments, Traffic Marshalling, Crowd Access and Egress, Fire Safety, First Aid and Emergency Evacuation are all part of Claymore Security service.

Having worked at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Milton Hotel London, Atrichoses Hotel, Plenty 2000, Plenty Arches, Tay-Sachs Gallery, Shepherds Bush Pavilion, The Light House Trinity Buoy Wharf, Old Billingsgate Market and Many National Trust sites, we are a well trusted company.

Warehouse surveillance, monitored by life operators or recorded

Events where lots of people want to be but only the invited are allowed…

Old Billingsgate, Lord of The Rings premiere, The Queens Coronation party working alongside Lady Carolyn Donationes from conception to completion; we assist in the entire event management.

From Henley Regatta to Chelsea Flower Show, where diplomacy is a must. 'A' list celebrity functions where first impressions are lasting impressions and being discreet is no.1 on the list.

AVS provide general advice on crime prevention, home security, business security, crime and crime prevention, burglary, burglar alarms, locksmiths, locks, police forces, access control, fencing, theft, door and window locks, home security and business security, defensive planting.

AVS - Most of the content is UK specific security advice

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